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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Okay. I can't remember exactly why I changed my profile picture in my facebook. All I remember was that a pop-out chat from someone said that only until Monday we could use self pictures as profile and then we must change it to childhood cartoon(s) to advocate for children something, i think.

Well, as a good citizen, I followed!*smile* I thought it's not really bad at all. Nothing can happen much, as well as, I might be helping the advocate for children. *forgive me I don't know the real thing* But the idea is awesome. I'll be posting the childhood cartoon I loved!

And this is what I choose. Tweety! I got this idea from my mom. When I was a child, my mom recalled that I looked like a bird. Yea, you read it right. A bird! My mom described me as a hairy-skinny-small creature then.

Maybe that's also why I love birds, not that much but I tell you, that's the only pet I prefer to have if you'll let me choose among all the pets. Maybe I'm used to the idea of liking something I'm related to, perhaps, I look alike?*a big NO this time* but I find them easy to have and take care of.

Tweety is just so perfectly cute, isn't it? Plus, I love color yellow, the long-curly lashes, and the cheeky attitude. So what's yours?
wait, I want Tom and Jerry too. They make my jaws loose to LOL :DD

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