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Monday, December 6, 2010

This is one of the best edited pictures from Ren. Isn't this so amazing?

Haven't you guys tried organizing a cosplay party? Or attending one? Perhaps, hooked by cosplay attires? Well, I just did love cosplay attires and parties since then...

This was when we had our cosplay-themed Interpersonal Relationship (IPR) for our school paper. I just learned to love the theme and of course, the outcome of our bonding moments. We really had fun, and we unwind ourselves from stresses, very well.

Yea I know I'm so primitive for posting this IPR-related issue, when in fact it's been months already when we had our IPR. Anyways, it's not too late, and never will it be.

Thanks to Ren for making this included in his best edited pictures that he has done for me. I promise to keep this forever. Lotsa love ♥


Okay, this post was inspired because last night, when we're about to have our dinner, we saw a girl wearing a cosplay attire. It was really nice. It's concept is like that of Sailor Moon. A combination of white and blue colors perfectly fit her mini-dress. I like it! :)

2 thoughtfulness:

Chesel said...

I haven't joined, attended nor even sponsored a cosplay event. But I always find it cool. You'll really see the creative skills of a person when you talk about cosplay :)

juicekodai said...

that's really cool.. i wish to have a chance to become a cosplayer for a day.. :)


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