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Monday, December 13, 2010

Okay, tonight just bear with me as I share along the entire not-so- extraordinary day of mine.

This morning, as I got up from bed late 10am, you wouldn’t believe I was still able to go on the net and consumed my 30 minute-preparation for school. I don’t know exactly, maybe I’m just a net addict.

And you wouldn’t believe that though I wake up late in the morning, still when I get inside the classroom, I really love to sleep soundly. I don’t know exactly, maybe I find the subject so mind-numbing.

And so I decided to go home right after my class, even if that means, I won’t eat my lunch with him. I had a rest unswervingly, while my subconscious reminds me of the 40-page lesson that I need to review for our exam at 7pm.

Despite the hassle, I headed my way to the computer and opened my facebook account. Tss, I’m so sick of this clumsiness. Rather than doing the right thing, I preferred socializing on the net. What a good stude.

So my sister, after seizing me doing not-so-with-sense thing, asked me to accompany her to the mall. She said she’s gonna buy something for their Siquijor Escapade. I had no choice buy to accompany her, besides; I wanna meander a little too. (Thanks I had able to buy a cute pair of sun glasses too)

After my class at 3pm, we(me and my prince this time)stray all up to Valencia. We’re certain we love the ambiance in Valencia; it’s just more welcoming and friendly in nature. The park, the kwek-kwek, the footlong, the scenery, is just comforting. We made it as review place too. Great, yea?

In school at 7pm, we had our first exam in Accounting Principles, and we just made it! Though we only had few minute-reviews, we’re still able to answer all the questions. (Though he had hard time penning cause of ink) Thanks God for the knowledge! :)

That’s all for now guys. Good night!

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Orange Pulps ♥ said...

i might name this post "My Not so Unfortunate Day"...hehe... :D :D but i know there is something better than that..i just do not know how to make them into words...hehehe

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