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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It will be 18 nights more to sleep before Christmas Day! Isn't time flies so fast? I didn't even notice that we're already in the month of December.

Anyways, speaking of Christmas Holidays, we can't deny the fact that we, especially Filipinos are fond of exchanging gifts. And we even created something more fun, thrilling and continuous -- the Kris Kringle. Are you guys familiar with it? For those who aren't, Kris Kringle is a form of exchanging gifts, but is done through chains or series. You might want it something sweet on the close dates before Christmas, like 22nd of December, on the following day, you probably want it as something soft. Then the next would like be something wet. Until 25th of December comes, and there you'd exchange main gifts properly. What I mean properly is that, during Kris Kringles, you don't need to buy expensive gifts to please the person you've picked. It can be little delights that can somehow make the person happy or laugh.

Just hours ago, we had a Kris Kringle, and we have it as something sweet in concept. It's really fun to have Kris Kringle because more often than not, everybody would just make someone laugh through their humorous gifts, not necessarily expensive gifts. It's like exchanging little delights and mostly, just a teaser. It also creates a friendly atmosphere.

Okay, my gift is Cornetto ice cream, are you familiar with that? Aside from its cheapness, only P20, its also a nice form of 'something sweet'. Plus, its nice to eat, for everybody does love ice cream! On the other hand, what I received was a piece of sweet candy, specifically dynamite melon flavor (sweet ba yon?) and a small pack of nips. I liked how it was presented, compared to how I presented mine. *hihi* And so it's disappointing to see it's inside. It's really true not to judge the cover, rather seize what's inside. *Just kidding* I liked it much! The effort was there. Thanks Arvztist for that special gift :)

Wew! The Kris Kringle ended with so much fun. Christmas is really soon, yea? I'm so excited.. And I'm looking forward for another exchanging of gifts, probably next Tuesday (our meeting day). So, see yah fellas! Have your great gifts wrapped with love :)

Would also like to thank Ren, for making the presentation of my gift. For buying another one because unfortunately, the one I bought fell from my bag. And the moment we noticed it, I was in the meeting already. Thanks for the effort. Thanks for being there for me no matter what. THANK YOU!

2 thoughtfulness:

Sean Grey Hanson said...

Wow that look so delicious! hehe.

Rina said...

Yea, it tastes delicious too :)

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