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Friday, January 21, 2011

This is supposed to be written on January 17, this year but I wasn't able to do so cause I'm too busy. Anyways, just wanna share out the loveliness I'm feeling.

2 days before our 24th, I changed my facebook status from 'in a relationship' to 'single'. *don't mind the reason why cause it's really a long story* But expect what others would say. That changed relationship gained too many doubts saying 'weh?sure?' yea, on their minds probably they wonder why. But I kept and stayed silent about the issue.

I was sad for a reason that both of us only knew. We tried to fix it the day after the changing of relationship status, we figured everything out and fortunately we apologized and compromised. That's the end of the story. But hey, don't think this is a big deal. Cause I tell you it's sure 'child-thing act'. I even wonder how we end up like that. Well, it's for the good maybe.

Then 17th came and we did celebrate it. We ate together and hang out after our exam. We had a great time really. We talk about stuffs that worry us and we put solution to that. *which I hope I can do* I'm thinking... why am I acting so stupid? Why am I taking him for granted? why am I hurting his feelings every time? So I've decided... Yea, I promise to be good to you. Promise.

I'm hoping we can make it through. lots! :)

But just last night I broke my promise for the nth time. I'm really sorry *tears* Sorry talaga. Di na pu mauulet!

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