Dear Shane :)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dear Shane,

Today is January 23, 2011. Yea, today I bid a happy trip to my sister. She's gonna have a 3-month long vacation in Australia. I'm happy for her :)

Meanwhile, I felt like something's pinching my heart as I sneak on your room and see you innocently sound asleep. With the barbie doll at your side (which mom and dad bought you a while ago), and the shirt of your mom which she covered you when they leave.

I know you don;t have any idea where they go when you wake up, and I'm sure you'll gonna cry at the top of your lung when you notice they aren't still here 'til tonight. Sorry but this is for your own good. We let you sleep so that mommy and daddy won't hesitate to go while seeing you cry.
*poor shane :(*

That means no more swimming time every afternoon at black pearl, no more blue monkey plays, no more shops gallore, visiting of friends at valencia in 3 months, and what so else.

But don't worry, I promise I'll take care of you, we'll take care of you, right? So stop being mean, cause you don't have allies anymore *evil laugh*

Serious, I love you and I'm gonna be beside you always :) Me, Papa and Mama, and of course tito long long :)

We'll always play and we'll have fun, okay? Just promise to be good :)

Cause mommy and daddy will look for a pink house for you, and when they come back, you'll live in that princess-pink house! You like that right? We love you!

Happy trip to Mommy and Daddy. Take care you guys :)

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