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Monday, January 24, 2011

Last week was a 'mind battle' week, cause we just had our midterm exams.
Well, taking up a course Information Technology is not that easy, and I'm certain it won't ever be. Unless you're developed with computer inside your mom's womb, and you're born holding a laptop on your hands^_^

Anyways, I had 4 major subjects, 2 maths and 1 Litt subject. I'm done with my 3 majors, I passed the 3 fortunately and there is 1 more left which will be on Friday. 2 maths which I consider a failure cause I'm really not a hundred percent sure with my analysis and computations. For my Litt, it's pretty good. I've already seen my score and it's not that disappointing.

Now I need to study well my Accounting Principles subject. I really need to acquaint with accountants' terminologies and functions. Just basic as our teacher said but, taking a course far different from this would still be hard.

Also, I hope as my teachers declare our scores in math, I hope I passed them both *cross fingers* Need to exert more effort to the Final Examination. *goodluck*

So help me Papa Jesus :)

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Latif Nur said...

kamu kuliah dimana sekarang rin ?:D

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