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Friday, January 28, 2011

I've never thought that Computer functions (specifically MS applications) would be hard for people of this generation. I mean, we are in a period of great breakthrough, so nevertheless, they would be much techy-techy, eventually knowing their gadgets' different necessary functions.

Our teacher in Major, also our adviser, asked us to assist some police officers about computer stuffs here in our university's Internet Research Station (IRS). Probably, they make use and share the 200 computers that our university has just acquired. Oh were so generous and kindhearted :)

So a while ago, we had our first tutorial to them. It was about the MS word document's functions. It was really a basic one. Changing fonts sizes, styles, making columns, doing the outline of a document, saving files, making a folder, were just some of our discussion -- in which I thought were the basic base of an office works.

However, several valid reasons were provided from them, which made me realize that they really need to acquaint with the functions of a computer, and if not master, at least familiarize on how to do it. And yea, it's such a pleasure to impart my knowledge to them.

Though I had a hard time repeating and explaining all the 'hows' of our tutorial, it was worthwhile because words of gratitude were uttered from them, which made me smile and made me help them even more.

Now were on the 2nd part of our tutorial and I hope I can be able to help them know the things they needed to fulfill their jobs. Of course, I'll exert the best effort, and I'll bear the longest patience I should :)

This would be all for now, cause were gonna have our second part of tutorial. So help us God :)

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