Be good to me math. Pleeaassee??

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

When I was innocent then, I used to love mathematics subject because I love to play with numbers. For me, it's tricking yet it's fulfilling especially whenever you get to solve hard problems ahead of your classmates.

However, that enthusiasm of mine to mingle with numbers started to weaken when I entered college. Particularly at every math subjects that my course requires. Perhaps that's the moment too, when math turned its back on me.

On the other side, I wonder why InfoTech needs such dilemma. What's the connection of computers to solving math problems? Until now I'm confused.

Okay, whatever. I need to undergo at least seven, yea 7 in figure, math subjects. Wew! That's unfair. I even questioned myself why I've made this far, considering I'm now on my math 135.

Why is math hard? What makes it hard? And since it is hard in nature, then why do we need to work hard for it too? for me, math is the subject that is ever mind-confusing and makes your grade in doubt.

Why not all subject related to computer? I'm certain, topping the list, all of my classmates will be glad. I think we need more computer-comprehension and hands-on exams. So that our nose will not bleed every time we get across the terms of computers especially those that are program-related.

Anyhows, I think I need to faithfully love math. So it'll love me in return :)) Please be kind to me numbers... Please???

2 thoughtfulness:

Adang said...

sino ba kasi naka imbento ng Math :)

Rina said...

yun na nga ee. hay naku :|
life is already hard itself. bat kelangan pa dagdagan? :|

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