Happy Love Season

Saturday, February 12, 2011

This season of love, it would be better if we pause on our pace for a while and experience to love and be loved. I guess it's human nature.

Most of us, if we think about love month, we come across sweet couples exchanging gratifying and heart-melting moments. We think of cupids roaming around to strike our hearts anytime. We think of flowers which are not yet in full bloom, but is already given to loved ones. We think of chocolates that add sweetness to any gifts handed to us. What a delight.

However, though some are gonna celebrate the love season the way it should be, sometimes exceeds, there are also some who are gonna celebrate it by themselves. At some point, they wanna love no one else much as their selves as of the moment and they wanna have fun with companies of good friends and families.

Some perhaps, have just torn apart. Some relationships didn't survive 'til love month and some are going through the pains of being broken. Some might be on the process of healing the wounds of their hearts and some might just get terrible a day before the love season. And it's such an agony.

Well, no matter how we celebrate love season, it would always be noble to think and to ponder the real essence of the celebration. Though some weren't able to make it up to the Valentines's day, still it is right to give importance in giving love at some unique ways.

Stop dealing with all the stresses of life and move on. Remember that a happy future will always be based on a forgotten past. Appreciate today and cherish the people in it.

Though not all do not seem to be happy, at least it's right to give love and be happy for others anyway. No matter how our statuses seem to be, let's always have a great love season everyday :))

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