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Saturday, February 5, 2011

I'm in my 3rd year oft my course, and following the new curriculum of our university, (our batch will be the 1st to undergo on-the-job training) is quite hard for me. Well, firstly, I don't know the 'hows' of the said training. Also, I need to ask for a recommendation from our adviser (which I hope he'll give me) and resume, also the ojt letter (I'm not sure about the term), that's all I be needing.

My batch mates and I plan to have our ojt at PNOC, while some suggested at Nestle production, others say it's better at call centers (but they're not accepting ojts, less you work fully) , some says at the offices around the city (just doing paper works). Some says it's effective to work at companies that need lay-outing, graphics, codes, web designs, programming, animation, and all other IT-related duties. So mind me..it's really mind-boggling to think of where I fit in.

However, I'm confident enough I can land a better place to practice my expertise. I'm certain God will help me, my parents will be there to guide me, and friends will be along my way. We plan to apply at all possible working areas we know we're acquainted with the jobs. So I'm hoping we can make it.

Our ojt will consists of 9 units. Yea 9, it's really challenging cause that means whole summer season (march-may) we won't enjoy fully. That's hard on my part though ^_^ But anyways, I think I need to get use to it -- waking up early, and managing my time effectively.

I know this is for our own good. Cause when we look for greater job after graduate, we'll already have a good grasped of knowledge and skills needed :))

We're also planning to have our ojt to at least 2 companies (do you think we can? ^_^) Hope so. We need to exert more effort to do that, ayt! Of course, we're looking for companies that can give at least honorariums too.haha (my batch mates said so we can really experience real job ) :))

Aja to us all!

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