They never fail me

Friday, April 8, 2011

They never fail --- to disappoint me.

I was very dissapointed with how the registrar office personnel treated me this day (as if this is the first time)

Well, to talk a bit detail about it, early this morning, I passed my evaluation form to the registrar office to have it evaluated for my internship. Yea, I know -- to start processing all the necessary papers just this day is really bad. But I have a valid excuse, and everyone has. In fact, there are lots of students who are not yet enrolled -- either in internship or in summer classes.

Well, for me, that P1,350.00 worth of the OJT enrollment is really hard to acquire. Good thing the cashier's office said that we can at least pay P350.00 ahead while pay the rest only before the OJT term ends. Plus, the 350-hour internship cannot suffice the 2 -month summer that I have -- we only duty 8 hours a day, 4 weeks per month and for only 2-months time, which means we can only duty 320 hours within 2 months at the most.


I returned to the said office after taking my lunch cause I still have lots of processes to undergo before I could finally enroll myself. I was asked by one of the staff to wait for it and so I did. So I thought there was a chance. I waited patiently before them, I opt to stay at the edge so they can really get an eye of me, and so they will follow-up, I wish. I hoped that I could get it so I can proceed. I saw the other staff get my evaluation form and handed it to the one in-charge in evaluating the grades.

BUT Imagine, I waited there 1pm until 3:30pm, only to find out that I still can't have it 'til monday. Like what??? You let me wait here for so long and I can only get that mocking answer?

"Miss, sa Monday na jud dagay ng imo evaluation form," the staff said. I was totally dismayed with that approach. She should have told me that earlier so I didn't waste my time standing in front of them, waiting for NOTHING! "Ha? Nya ngano karon pa man mo niingon?" I said in dismay. They just replied with their sarcastic smirks.

Haiz. Yea, I know it's my fault since the start -- I STARTED LATE. But I think, that has nothing to do with their attitude. Yea, I might have started very late, but that shouldn't be the reason for them to hold my evaluation form, and a hundred more of it! They say that I'm still number 90, I guess, so which means, there are lots of evaluation forms that are not yet intact.

Set aside my fault, the problem is, they're giving instructions, time and date, as an assurance to people who needs their service. Yet, when that time and date come, more often than not, they failed. I wish they realize that not all people has the luxury of time to go on the time and day they are saying yet have nothing in the end. I wish they realize the importance of other people's expense.

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