to my Mama :))

Friday, May 6, 2011

If i were to be born again and choose another mom, I would go and find you and prefer to be with you forever. Cause no other mom would befit my desire for life than you do :)

That's how much I love my mom. My super wonder Mama.

She never forgets to wake up early morning to prepare the most delicious breakfast for us, the most neat and well- ironed clothes we wear for school, the well-dressed sandwich for our snack -- that's how she starts her morning, and for her, that's the most pleasurable thing she does for us -- giving real sunshine to our day.

Even before the ring bells, Mom is already waiting patiently outside the gate to fetch us up. Her smile makes me feel at ease with all the pressures that my class has given me. She checks my back if it's perspired and changes the towel that she put on earlier. Then we'll walk off home.

At home, she already cooked the most delicious lunch for us. She taught me how to eat vegetables, she said I should always eat them cause it'll make me strong, and so I did eat them. She washes the plates afterwards, and sends me to bed. She said I'm too naught before. Too naughty that she'll even fell asleep ahead on me, while I'm left playing my toys. She'll wake up cause of my scruffiness and then she'll put me to sleep again.

In the afternoon, she prepares our great snacks. And she let us play afterwards. While outside, she never forget to watch us playing with other kids, she's there to guide us. When we get wounded cause of our weakness, she pulls me up and cleans my sore. Sometimes, she reprimands the other kids who bully us. She then lead us home and play with us in any ways.

She didn't want to see us frown. She loves us so much. That even though there are still piles of works that are waiting for her, she never replaced us with those. She's after our sake, our happiness, our goodness. When we have problems, she's there to listen eagerly, without hesitations. She always prioritize us than anything, even with herself. That's how she loves us.

When the sun sets, she's already busy preparing for our dinner, she cooks another delicious food that can suffice us all. After which, we all watch movie together, exchanging laughs and jokes, experiences to school, work, love life and just about anything -- the thing is, we strengthen the bonding between our family and we keep the closeness and thoughtfulness for each other.

And then we go to sleep. My mom would lead the prayer and we follow together. She said we shouldn't forget to give thanks to Papa Jesus and Mama Mary, to apologize for our sins, and to ask for guidance and good health. And she'll hug us tight and kisses our night sweetly.

I love you Mama! There's no words that can best explain how much blessed I am to have you. You're really wonderful, and I thank God for giving the best mom in this world. I would forever be glad and thankful for all your good deeds to me, to us. And I'll do my very best to give back all the love and sacrifices that you did just to give us a good life.

I love you Mama!

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