Sunday, May 29, 2011

Well, I opted to name my post as "exhausted" cause it literally speaks about my situation, both physically and mentally.

Physically, cause I really am tired of endless sleepless nights and tasks to be done, especially at home where I am obliged to do certain household chores ( I had my whole week at hometown). Plus, the various works after my Lolo's death (I'm certain and I'm confident that my Lolo is in peace now, and that he's happy to be with our Savior Jesus Christ ) -- the endless 'coffee' nights, vigils, overnights, playing card games and dishes washing (good thing my cousins are helpful enough)

Two days before my lolo's last farewell, I enrolled myself. It was, though not as tougher as the previous enrollment, still it was tough :) -- queses were everywhere, photocopies were here and there, processing of papers seems no ending, plus the irritating heat of the sun -- all you must need to undergo to finally call yourself a true blue Norsunian.

Mentally, well I find it (my experiences) mind-exhausting cause it really makes me dull, perhaps dumb. It would be a week after 'til our official class starts, yet I've find it hard to have time to review some of my past notes, even to scan them (esp math-my hardest subject!). My first day of class would mean a total scratch... of everything. Add up the seminar workshop that the pub will undertake this Friday. We're aware we're not that prepared enough but still we will be pursuing the event so our weekly issues won't be compromised (I hope and pray everything will turn out just fine).

We also had our family outing -- I mean, we totally gone wild (is that the right term?haha) cause we swam like there's no tomorrow :D We really enjoyed a lot, and of course, got tired a lot more. LOLs were everywhere. We had a pool game (papa was fond of getting my cousins drown.haha)I find it an opportunity to exercise also *toinks* (in swimming, all your body parts are working out; else you get drown :D) We make every moment remarkable cause it's hard to look for a better time to gather all the relatives (though it's all RUBIANS only). Still, we enjoyed cause we knew, we're one big happy family :)

We'll surely miss this stuff :) Until next gathering guys! :)

Am still feeling soo exhausted.huhu and that's...

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