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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Just when I thought everything has ended, you stand out and believe in me... the power that the two of us have -- faithful love.

It's been months already when our relationship became so vague. It's been how many days when we weren't able to be with each other. Even to communicate thru phone, it's becoming quite infrequent. I swear, these are not the things I wanted to happen, but it's all coming on us.

Apparently, we have busy schedules. We have OJT, mine is quite far from where he's working. So it's really hard for us to find valuable time. Mostly, I stayed at my hometown (where I'm having my internship). Or if not, I stay in the city but has no time to be with him though. Well, for some valid excuses -- tired of the long ride, tired of the work or just feeling tired (sometimes, we can feel that without reasons to supply).

A day after our heavy trip with my family, I felt a pain some part in my chest, or is it in the shoulder? I'm not sure. But I'm feeling so queasy I'd say. It's the first time that I experienced it, and though if it's not, still I'd be feeling so uneasy, worried and tired.

He asked me out for so many times now, but I still couldn't get going. Besides, it's also sizzling hot outside. I can't afford to saturate my being, of course, his' also, under the heat of the sun. So I opted to settle inside. Yea, I really wanna be with him, but if this would cause an outwear of my shoulder ache, I'd rather not.

So eventually, I asked for an apology and promised him next time, when I get a bit better. And he agreed. He understands and he asked me to take care of myself and have a snug rest. That's what I did then. I don't want him to become upset for the next time.

Luckily, in God's will, we had a whiles, pretty good moment :) Yey! Finally *sigh* I really missed his company. His kkulitan!hihi I explained to him my situation, what I'm feeling and why we haven't been together for quite long. He also explained his feeling on that cases I presented. We argued, yea. But we comprehended, we compromised, and finally we're good now! *Thanks Papa Jesus*

I know, this isn't the first time we had this difficulty. But as what you're always telling me, this isn't also the time we should be weaken, instead be more stronger enough to face another circumstances ahead our way. We should always understand, and pray for guidance :)

Oh anyway, I've had a great time being with you. I swear :)

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