The most expensive word to have

Sunday, June 12, 2011

"Sorry", they say is one of the most difficult words to say. However, as I come to realize, is saying sorry the hardest part, or the process of forgiving? Even giving forgiveness itself. It's like a piece of fad being sold in a high-class shopping mall, costing you pounds of bucks.

Early this morning, we attended a mass. It has been our daily life repose to attend soul-purifying sessions. Okay, Rev. Fr Jumawan, our barangay priest, had talked about forgiveness, and how hard it is to bestow to others especially to the ones we had a dispute. He said it's a fact that it's really hard to accept that person again, give your trust to him and perhaps live your life again, with him. And at most cases, though you were able to forgive him, still, the scar is visible and of course, irremovable.

However, Fr. Jumawan also reminded us that we should never get tired of giving 'second chances' to those who had cause us pain. For if Christ the Lord had able to forgive our mortal sins, so we should the most. Only then we will be free from the pain. He also remarked that it's not really the pain of hurt we're suffering into , instead, the pain of being imprisoned to the idea that we are hurt by certain person, and we think it'll last a lifetime.

Yea, I highly agree on that. I even find it a bit obscure whenever we're guilty, we want others to forgive us easily. We explain a lot, defend with them a lot, and even blame them in the end, for being so hard. But when it's them who needs our forgiveness, we find just no way to accept their apology. We find it so unfair to trust them again just that. And no matter how pales of tears shed, still we opt to remain so damn numb.

Yea, it's hard to forgive. So hard. But remember, let's just put on our vocabulary that the only way to free ourselves from the pain of yesterday, is to heartily forgive and totally forget. Let's always remember the goodness of the Lord, who forgave our sins and saved our lives from death.

Corollary, forgiveness is not just about forgiving others. And absolutely not just for them.. It's for yourself, for your way of finally getting well and eventually moving on :)
Let's all face tomorrow with pure insights!

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