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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Being a father is not an easy task. Cause imagine, you've got to be the bravest and most gentle man of all. Brave cause you'll be the foundation of courage among the family, and gentle so you won't look fearful at all times.

So her's the rub. Lemme share to you the not-s0-brave and the not-so-gentle dad of mine :) *evil laugh*

My dad is definitely not brave. He's a superman. He works for us 24/7. He always accepts 'overtimes' to sustain our basic needs. He wanted to be a good, if not best father to us. Though busy, he always find time for us. During Sundays, he always bring us out, and make quality time with each other.

He's absolutely not gentle. He's really the villain.haha I remembered when I was little, I would oftentimes hide at mom's back cause he's gonna spank me. And when he doesn't want something I did, he'll reprimand. I should always behave well. Well, that was then. I realized it's for our better.

My dad, though most of us are aloof with him, I'd say, he's the best dad. And the most gentleman among all. He'd like to see us safe and comfortable. He'd like to make the better out of us. In fact, though I'm afraid to him, we're really close. He's cranky yet naughty. He'd always piss me off. Giggling me around when he's doing nothing and disturbing me when I'm doing something. He would always make my niece cry, and make me comfort my niece at the end. he always make fun around, and make us giggle and laugh. Sometimes I think my dad's returning to young age :))

Seriously, I love my dad. I love him firstly cause he loves my mom so much! Second, I love him cause he is trying to be a good dad for us and a good grandpa to my nieces, and third, cause he's loving us until now :)

Happy father's day pa!

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