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Sunday, July 17, 2011

I've read his monthsary article for me and I'd say it's really impressing. haha Ren has really exerted an effort. Imagine waking up early dawn at about 2am just to post that *SPEECHLESS* message? Yea, God really is good because He sent you safe there and He really let you used the 8th PC unit :) Papa Jesus really do wanna inspire you cause that's my favorite number.

Your post for me was really appreciated. I soo love it! And I'm so thankful cause in your own little *SWEET* way, you were able to convey what's on your heart, and thank you cause I share the biggest part in it :) I love you not just for updating your blog nor for doing a great effort. I love you cause of the sincerity in your post that resides..

Happy 30th monthsary :) Hey, this isn't a reply post for what you've done. haha this is due to my own will. aw?hehe
May GOD BLESS our relationship :)

Yesterday, Shane had her 5th birthday at Wuthering heights Resort. Karlo used to had his party there too. Cause of its nice and cool ambiance and welcoming breeze, its fascinating to stay awhile. Well, I'm glad Shane was happy with her family and friends :) Glad also for the surprises her parents had gave her :) Glad we had great time!

For more details, refer to my sister's FB :))

Tomorrow's gonna be a tough day cause weekend's over. Hope I'll be able to do good at my studies. Also, hope for the better health for my family. I love my family for motivating me to strive even more :)

May GOD BLESS us always :)

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