Is this sadness am feeling?

Friday, July 29, 2011

JUST A THOUGHT: If everybody deserves a second chance, would it mean we also have the freedom to waste the first one, and keep on depending in the former?

Haiz. I really am feeling poignant and I just can't explain why, perhaps just can't tell you why. My mind clouds with thoughts that keeps me feeling cheerless.

I just hope I'd find solace and eventually be relieved of this upheaval. I hope and pray every little thing that bothers me would swift away. Well, I just wanna really get better.

I hope it can't break me in the worst possible way :|

Am sad cause we'll be the first group to defend our research study in one of our Major subjects. TOTALLY sad cause we still got more revisions and makings to do. Worst is, we'll have it right after the Midterms week.

I hope our teacher won't hold us long in giving so much comments and suggestions in our paper works. I mean, comments that keep on changing every now and then of the checking procedure*peace* And I hope we'll be able to carry it through just so well.

I'm still in the 2nd Chapter of the ten chapters of the Jose Rizal book which our professor required us to study for Midterm exam -- yet it's already haunting me. I just perceived that memorizing almost everything of the 10 Chapters makes me panic, including my Political Science subject in which we are required to memorize the Preamble down to Article 7 of the 1987 Philippine Constitution. Oh what an agony :|

I'm planning to take some mind-sharpening capsules to help me, watcha think? :D Seriously, I need to really memorize it with heart.

I feel sad on the constant raining that's happening in Manila though the PAGASA said that the typhoon 'Juaning' has already untouched the country's territory. I felt sad with the victims of the said calamity that's been flashing every now and then on the internet.

I just hope God would protect us from further danger, especially to my family who are residing there. I pray everything's gonna be fine.

Goodnight fellas! Need to improve our research paper. So please help me God :)

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