The Pee giggles :D

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

5:35 am. That’s exactly the time did my bladder woke me up. It giggles me to go and have a pee. My nerve still wanted to have a little rest on bed but it doesn’t prevail. So, together with my niece, who was then awake earlier than I, forcibly went downstairs, leaving me in haste, doing the pee-pee dance while heading to the toilet until I finally sat onto the bowl – that’s then I realized how I really should’ve take a pee beforehand :D

So after the relief, I thought of going back to bed since my class would still start at 10 am. However, my silly niece stop me from doing so and instead asked for a cup of Milo. I pleaded childishly to her if I can go back to sleep but she just showed me a heartbreaking countenance, in which again I forcibly endure.

So I turned left to the kitchen and made her a cup of Milo, then I thought of making my own cup of coffee by the way. We both settle in front of the TV and do some repose. She turned on the TV and pressed 2 and 1 of the remote control, leading the two of us to her Disney channel. Oh sometimes -- like this times-- I hate that, so I asked the remote control from her and changed the channel into 18. Power puff girls – this is better than Pocoyo cause a least they’re conversing, we wouldn't keep on guessing what they’re actually doing :D

From time to time, I changed the channel to hunt for better movies somewhere on the TV, but I unfortunately didn’t find one. So I leave the TV with my niece while I’m here – stuck on the computer, trying to make myself busy in some stuff, and in updating my blog. Little did I know that she has been outside, busy shooing the chickens which are then piercing out the petals of our pretty flowers outside ;) She looks so cute with those gestures whom you wouldn't thought acting just so well with her early 5th -- as if she was really angry and concern, when actually, she just happened to liked staying awhile outside :D *I certainly hope not*

Now I think I’m coming to end this post soon. So I just wanted to wish you a healthy and blessed day ahead :) Have a fabulous day people!

*I knew it all along -- I wouldn't be able to go back to bed cause my nerves are all alive and kicking now. In fact, I don't feel like doing what I've promised to myself earlier -- that 'when my sister wakes up for Shane, I'd surely go back and have more sleep'*

*Glory be to God*

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