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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

This post is for the people who preferred to spend their 2nd day of August with me :)

To Papa and Karlo. Fresh from Amlan, though Karlo has paintings to do, they still came and not only wished me a happy birthday but more importantly, celebrated it with the rest of my family :) And though they don't have a present (haha. am just joking) they really made my day complete :). Thank you!

Meanwhile, later during the night we watched Insidious, and it's so spine-tingling that it made my night scary! But I wanna watch it again.haha

To Kislen Tony and Shane. They made my birthday special too :) My sister made the pizza and fettuccine. Would you believe it taste just so perfect? Everyone loved it! Meanwhile, Shane is so naughty and hyper that she thought it's her birthday.haha

Thank you!

To my family in Manila. They weren't able to come they still remembered and extended their wishes to me. They've been calling every now and then to greet me.haha Thank you!

To Ren. Though we're not in good terms days before my birthday, he still made it memorable. Thank you!

The yellow-balloons! Wee! There's nothing else I can say. I LOVE yellow and that's it! :))

Shane and I also loved the pink rose and the giant tweety pillow! I think it's not really obvious ^_^ Shane had a nice time taking pics of me but she loved most taking pics of her (as if she's the celebrant) Well, that's okay, Ren loves her too :)

The pizza, a huge one (the crust really is so thick) pizza that my sister cooked enticed everyone to take a full bite.
The fettuccine, a delicious recipe that my sister enjoyed cooking really gained the appetite from all of us.
And the cake, well, I like it but the one Ren gave me was the best cause it's his tita-made :)

I really had a wonderful 20th and I thanked God so much for letting me celebrate it with my loved ones. I feel so loved and blessed :)
This is just another year of my sojourn, and I hope as I tread my path to where God wants me to be, they would still be there to guide me :)

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