The weather forks!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Yesterday, I felt that gloomy substance that’s persisting inside me. I usually feel this awkwardness whenever rain pours ahead of my day. So just after our teacher in History dismissed the class, I decided to go home directly. Aside from chasing the time when Pnoy is about to deliver his SONA, a part of me urged to settle inside and curl on couch. The weather forks!


Later that night while we’re having our dinner, I can’t help but to sip two cups and one more cup of the tasty soup which my sister cooked. A piece of chicken and a little of chopsuey made me really full. What I hate most during rainy season is that my appetite doesn't seem to loosen and my craving for more delicious foods doesn’t seem to end. I don’t know how that happens but it’s not helping me. I’ve wanted to lose weight because my friends notice I get too chubby-chubby. So I’d better watch my every morsel to prevent them from keeping the same statement :P. The weather forks!


Early this morning, Tue, while I was about to have my shower did I found out that the hair conditioner has depleted. I’m so worried for my hair would tangle and get frizz right after a natural drying. I tried going outside to buy even in sachet but to no avail. The stores nearby are still closed and I don’t wanna keep on searching with only shirt and a pair of pajama I'm wearing. I was forced to have a bath without a hair conditioner. I just hope that this Vitress I applied onto my hair won’t let me down. The weather forks!

Well, I just thank bby kulet and bby paxawai -- my so cute stuff toys! -- who are always willing to give me a cuddle. It makes me warm and comfortable :)

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