Pnoy's SONA 2011

Monday, July 25, 2011

If you’re not part of the solution, then you’re the problem.

Just an hour ago, I had witnessed in full length the State of the Nation Address, commonly known as SONA of our 15th Philippine President Benigno Aquino III before the Congress.

Well, at the outset I was really impressed listening to him in Tagalog dialect. He was the first President ever who delivered SONA in Tagalog. Some had initiated conversing in the dialect but leaving the rest of their speech in English.

Practically speaking, he was able to communicate well on his audience down to ordinary citizens of the country. Some of the foreigners who were present during his SONA didn't comprehend much of the speech, its for the Filipinos anyway. Speaking in mother-tongue language gradually compelled the Filipinos in obtaining the core purpose of his speech in the first place. And that's what makes me writing this post -- cause of a brief and explicable composition.

Moreover, he had able to differentiate the condition of the Filipinos and the State during the past administration and had able to connote a remarkable change that we are presently experiencing. This includes the low rate of hungriness, unemployment, corruption and some other awful predicaments that the nation is suffering.

Furthermore, the curbing of “wang-wang” mentality and form of governance among Local Government Units, government officials and employers, and even among the private sectors had he mentioned its proper implementation. He cited some persons who used their position and eventually stole the wealth of the nation, leaving the vulnerable innocents suppressed and deteriorated.

Indeed, for me the SONA was an illustration of the sincerity of the pledge of the present administration, and the leeway of what they more to achieve for years to come. It had, somehow persuaded the majority to stop the crab mentality instead help one another; discourage the loathe instead cooperate for the success of each; stop keeping one’s self in looking for flaws of others instead support to every endeavor.

Some were disgusted with his speech, especially the opposition urging to counter-check if the accomplishments Pnoy had mentioned were really true. But the issue here isn’t about the "futility" of the president in governing the country; the issue here is that what we Filipinos can contribute to the positive change that we are trying to acquire.

We always look for other’s fault, but we don't assess ourselves before seizing others. We want change, but we never volunteer to be the solution for the problem. We always criticize to show weren't in favor of something yet we never dare to favor to the steadfast of simple rules.

We don’t realize that no matter how our lungs run dry opposing the power to rule of the present administration, we won’t ever be successful because we are in a Democratic country wherein majority rules. You cannot defy the decision of the majority. Moreover, we don’t realize that no matter how we dislike the president, it’s not a pretext to go against the government.

Therefore, we should realize that the fate of change lies in our own hands and not with other’s. Stop blaming others for our terrible plights. Stop depending our future with those who can partially help us. Stop acting as if we care for the common good when we only want our personal intention.


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