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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Lately, I've been inclined so much with my niece that I always wanted to spend time with her playing her mute and deaf toys, her inedible chicken, carrots, and fries with matching sanskript-written menu.

She used to be beside me at night. Whenever I text someone with my phone, she pretends texting someone too. And when I'm talking with someone thru phone, she pretends she has someone talking too with.

When I want my nails colored, she'll follow me too, and would even imitate the color I put on. When I wanted it just clean, she'd love also.

When I eat with bare hands, she'll eat that way too, even the details of the amount of food I placed on my plate she wanted the same! So that sometimes she can't consume all. Ayan kase!

When I'm studying, she's trying to study too. When I'm reading, she murmurs as if she knows how to read and she'd copy the way how I read it.

When I'm writing or doing my assignment, she's as if trying to write something too. When I sing, she sings too. When I do a bit of exercise every morning, she follows me though it's hard on her part.haha

When I take my shower, she always wanted to go with me and would even pleas to have that something am putting onto my face. She always say I'm her "best friend all the world!"haha. Anu daw??

Well, I love those sometimes-annoying-sometimes-sweet stuffs. Am also fond of teasing her with Lloyd, her ultimate crush. Lloyd was her closest friend, an her classmate during her N-1 class, and now though that she's in N-2 and that they're no longer classmates, she never forget to talk about him. *Oh, is it love?*

When I kissed her, she'd wipe it immediately and would say "eew!" There was one time when I asked her, "Hey if Lloyd kiss you would you say the same?" and she simply said "No."haha

Sometimes during our idle times, she'd ask me if I know Lloyd and when I glance at her, she'd blush and say "eeh, kaw kase!" Much more when she's busy watching cartoons that she no longer pays attention to what am asking her to do, I try to grab it by asking her if she knows Lloyd and she'd go like "oops!" and then turns to pink.lol "eeh, kaw kase!"*I wonder if she's really inlove*

But she's so clever. Whenever I tease her with Lloyd, she'll do the same and would ask me if I know ren, and I'd just ride on her joke so that she'll giggle. Well, am fond of making her smile too, so that's okay!

You wouldn't believe that whenever she happens to see Lloyd somewhere -- whether in school, in Cangs, in Robinsons and Church -- she'd always tell it to me with a blushing-sweet countenance. She forget not the image of Lloyd, and she'd always turn tame when Lloyd's beside her *I'm so kilig right now*

Well, all I hope and pray is that my niece isn't into a serious mode *cause I think she sees herself as a 20-yr old woman* and that all her demeanor is a mere infatuation. haha Uunahan pa ata ako neto :D

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