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Friday, August 12, 2011

It's been weeks now, perhaps couple of months now, since my bedroom had a revamp. I've been preoccupied with school and pub stuffs that I can't find time to touch the bed and even arrange those messy 'everything' which laid just everywhere.

I couldn't just imagine how I was able to gain appetite to really clean my bedroom when in fact, I've attended a night-long party yesterday. My body's too exhausted I knew it. I wanted a rest. But then, I found myself getting the broom and starting to clean up to the inner corners of the entire room.

And then I also changed the arrangement of my bed position. I placed it at the edged wall beside the windows, and my study table near the cabinet. I also positioned it there so whenever my phone needs charge while am at the middle of my sleepiness, I can easily still access to it cause the outlet is reachable.

I change my stripe-blue bed sheet into green one, and the pillows I covered it light blue while the other two is pink flowers :) my tweety pillow remains devoid :)

I took off some cob-webs forming up the edges of the ceiling, and I wiped the jalousies. I also applied a bit floorwax (the white one since the floor is made of wood). I also arranged the bags in the first cabinet, my shoes and dresses in the second, and my tees in the third cabinet. Now everything is well arranged! :)

Later tonight I knew I'd have a nice and comfy sleep :)
I just hope this isn't the last time I can find time to clean my bedroom and everything in it.

Shane for sure will ask to be beside me tonight :)

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