Saturday, August 6, 2011

Just yesterday, we had our evaluation in TN, a pub where I belong and I'd say it's a motivation at the same time a reflection, of our definitions.

Am into this post just so you know that I was somehow awakened and inspired with the statements from them.

During the performance rating segment, one my colleagues gave himself a 40% in his performance (that's the maximum percentage), and eventually justified the reason why. He said he's doing his job well as a Webpage designer and he even bragged that he can out stand some other professionals teaching in our university *praise for that*

All he said was true and I can attest to that. He's been working properly and excellently. I even envied him cause though he's a Business Ad student, he has that capability to do the web. I mean, I'm an InfoTech student yet I really don't know what how to do that. haha

He's indeed persevering in creating the TN page. He's really intelligent in Programming. You wouldn't believe that he's working in a computer shop though he's, as what I've said, a business ad student.

And then I realized how behind I am in my chosen field. Though I passed all my subjects during my early years as an IT, still I'm not expert at it, I don't even know well about it.

I just wished I still have ample time to learn those things too, before I finally graduate. BTW, he said he'd extend his knowledge to the newbies and to those who wish to learn also - and I think it's me.haha

So. by the next time he'd call for a tutorial session, I should be prompt and eager.
Yes! am inspired by a webmaster :)

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