Thursday, August 25, 2011

Yes I am so much excited of coming up into a great portfolio! :)

I'm still plagued by the nuisance of the heavy rain poured out from the mad sky since this morning. I really was soaked in wet as I entered the class. Good thing though, my poor and about-to-collapse umbrella has helped me go through that still-sopping whistles.

And there it was. My professor was on his half-way to the discussion. *poor me* So to cover up myself from that shame of entering in late, I pass through the aisle and give my teacher a pleasing countenance. Though I hoped he didn't take it sarcastically. I mean it yea :)

I find the nearest seat but to no avail. My classmates just love to be seated at the back portion of the room. So I ramped all along to the second row and finally, I swerved onto the chair. *I was able to rest my poor umbrella on the next seat*

During the discussion, a nostalgic ambiance enveloped my being. I realized how I missed my comfy bed. And at cases like these -- watching the drops outside, witnessing the misty-green surroundings, and the cold-winter humming of winds -- just lullabies me perfectly to sleep.

Until that serious yet hilarious at the outset, of the requirement our teacher had discuss in front of us made me loose my laziness. Well, talking about writing, and some sort of designing and the like, made me just intact in my position. I listened attentively to some key points on how to establish and design a portfolio. And I really like the idea of finishing such, cause it will really help me a lot. Not only to fit my preference but also cause it will help me in searching and finally getting a good job.

Electronic Portfolio. Uhuh you heard it right, isn't that stupendous? *0* I'm gonna create a Web, Oh no I think I'd switch to more comfortable and easy sites, for my profile check. This is really cool cause aside for the fact that it's an E-Portfolio, I'd also have the chance to impress my employers, by citing them the certain address of who I am, and giving them the easiest and convenient way of expressing myself. *A total excuse from anxiety during interview :D*

Within these days, I'm gonna be busy preparing for it. And I'd like to come up with a good quality product. So AJA! to me :)

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