Thursday, September 29, 2011

Probably, I was taken a minute already in launching this site, and another one to log into my account until, of course, I finally able to start writing this post.

Okay, this would be a minute-made post since I only have 10 minutes left for school. Well, I just wanna really commend the new interface of blogspot.com. It's awesome! :)

I notice this change yesterday, yea am so primitive. Well, this might be because of the recent tutorial session that Ren and I conducted. We decided to wake up at 6am to prepare and meet on 7am to start the tutorial. And yea, though I only have a bit background of the exam he's gonna take today, *I think they already started* I'm happy cause I was able to share a part of what I got during my early days in Calculus 2. 

Since he and his classmates who will take the exam need to assemble at the Library earlier than their scheduled time for taking the exam, I went home for a while where I was caught up with paper works. Yea, I photocopied the papers needed for my OJT form. I needed to submit these stuff to my teacher before he pass the final grades next week.

And a lot more to do, next week's gonna be a tough moment for us students again -- The FINALe :)
This gonna be all for now.


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Albert Corsame Umbac said...

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