Friday, September 23, 2011

Yesterday was a body-aching day. Well, we just had a swimming-thon at Sea Forest. It was not in our plan really. We originally wanted to swim at Baybayon, much nearer than Sea Forest, much serene and quiet.

However, it's our pleasure to accompany and eventually be with my niece together with my Ate at Sea Forest. Second, I also thought of going to another unique-in-my-eyes place such that. It really changed a lot since I last visited it.

Anyway, there, though it was full of children, I mean wild and noisy children, we still enjoyed a lot. Different cool gimmicks were placed. It was then when at the middle of my glee when the lifeguard personnel saw that I'm wearing jeans-cloth short that I was halt to swim :(

As an Antidote to my sadness, we took quite number of pictures just everywhere :)

And my niece, though already feeling cold, didn't want to get out from the pool. She enjoyed calling everyone her friend and feeling as if she know them cause she played joyously with them. *Now she's coughing* I just hope it won't last.

My sister, who was more ready than I am (with her bathing suit on) didn't continue to plunge into the water. She said she needs to watch over Shane and besides, it's raining (weh?) Anyway, she seems fondly contented of just taking photos of her :) Though this means, getting wet just to have picture in the splashing water fountains :D

BTW, my body is still aching ;( and my head is aching too ;( (good thing I was able to enjoy the water cause today, starts my period :))

Today is my mom's birthday and yea, its gonna be happiness :) We'll go shopping for Mama later for her present. We'll have simple gathering for her :) Hope we'll be able to make her happy.

Later tonight, am gonna attend another party. It's yanna's (Ren's cousin) first birthday party :)

2 thoughtfulness:

Orange Pulps ♥ said...


super cute ng bagong blog skin mo ate rin :)

mura ug cotton candy.. :D

Rina Marie Rubia said...

Thanks Rolynski :) ayaw bia kan.a ha?hehe

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