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Monday, October 3, 2011

I'm becoming to LOVE blogging really.

What's good about blogging? 
Simply when you find yourself amidst idleness, you can revert things out and look for exciting ways of cheering up. When you're social networking sites do not satisfy you anymore, you can still have this media outlet to spill out those dreary specks.Yea, definitely blog it all on!

I'm trying to study my notes for my afternoon exam. It was filed in PDF and it contains 16 pages, all the other notes that were filed in word docs are all fused and printed to save paper and ink cost. But this PDF file, I just can't combine the pages cause it can't be. *Or is there a way am just not acquainted on how to do it?*

So here I am, trying to absorb all the keywords I'll come across later in my exam. It's quite confusing, especially cause I'm not used to study in front of the computer. I prefer a tangible copy, so I can highlight the key points,  besides, I can take it with me even when the exam is about to start. But I don't have any means to study at all. So patience is all I need to have.

I launched my Facebook account, to save myself from depression of that PDF note, but found no interesting stuff at all. Boring. All was the same, the  interface, the posts -- as usual, brag. brag. brag. or so, emo. emo. emo. And so I thought of blogging, at least, in case I don't find something appealing, I can write about it. Or if there's fascinating, I can also put it in writing :) Amazing, isn't it? :))))

Okay, I'm becoming conversational now. Gotta stop and eat my lunch. 


2 thoughtfulness:

Orange Pulps ♥ said...

yes..i see blogging far better than fb, too :)

Rina Marie Rubia said...

True much Rolynski ^^,

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