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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

This google image is far out from the subject. Please just ignore what's written on the lecturer's board ^^,

Campus Journalism lecture. Yes you've read it right. Probably you might wonder, REALLY? Yes my dear, it's true. I for one didn't comprehend much how we're able to conduct this undertaking.

Originally, this idea came out when our Pub Adviser planned us to have, in lieu of Campus Journalism month, *please correct the term* a seminar workshop on campus journalism to high school students. Thinking of the big responsibility ahead made us shrink. We're really unsure of having this kind of stuff. I mean, we've been used to be laid-up listening only to guest-speakers we have during seminars, yet this time we're tasked to do the other way around -- to lecture before the quite number of crowd.

Since we're hesitant with the possible outcome of the plan, we frankly tell our Adviser that probably, for us to extend our modest awareness in the subject matter, we  must be ready. And readiness means timing. That's the only time we can be confident in speaking before the prospective audience.

However, with the slightest chance, we (the editors) were invited to conduct a campus journalism seminar and workshop to students of Jimalalud, a far-flung area from Dumaguete City. The idea was from Ryan, he's a former student of the Jimalalud National High School and he's been a friend to teacher from there up to now. He asked us if we can perform a lecture for free, with our food and fare spared. We eventually agreed on his request. Besides, it's really a pleasure to help those who are in need. 

Saturday came. Just as when the sun is yet to stretch its arms, I'm already prepared for a couple-of-hours trip. My head get a bit dizzy though few kilometers still form Dumaguete. I was also even successful in waking up the people at the TN office to hand me the camera that we're gonna use in Photojournalism lecture and workshop. 

On the way, thoug sleepy, I didn't find time to take a nap cause the scenic beauty of the nature going along Jimalalud is just irresistible. It was my first time to travel that long :))

Off aboard, we're welcomed by an English-speaking student waiting for us at the entrance gate. *Oh huh?* He's friendly, as well as those other students waiting inside the room. The bubbly teachers, were so accommodating. We're served with the humblest breakfast right after we're welcomed by the fresh air of their vast grounds. After a chitchat with the teachers and a little rest, we started the agenda.

The News Writing lecture

The Features Writing lecture

The Editorial Writing lecture

The Column Writing lecture

The Editorial Cartooning lecture

Campus Journalism lecture ends

The Siesta mode

At the end of the day, I've realized. This kind of activity is what Campus Journalism all about. Giving what you have, and sharing what you desire  :)

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