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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Okay so here it was. I just had my scrumptious dinner at Rob with Ren, when the rain poured just so hard. I wasn't able to bring my umbrella then, so we resolute to leisurely take a round of walks for a while. We went upstairs to see what nice movies are on.

We became so fond of criticizing (the boring movies) and praise (those better ones), until a stranger with a very familiar face headed towards our place and finally approached us. He smiled and said, "Classmate, dugay nako nangita nimu." (Classmate, I've been looking for you so long). It's really astonishing to hear that he's been looking for me everywhere in the campus for quite a long time already.

That pal was my classmate in my World Literature class last semester, so is that mean he's been searching for me for the entire semester already? He even remarked that he's waiting for me every single day in the school. Hoping to find me to help him out of his stressful INCOMPLETE grade in the said subject. *Weh? Di nga? Ang OA huh?* :))

Oh well, he explained that during the releasing of last semester's grades, he was stunned upon receiving his piece of fad with an INC mark on it. He was so upset and loomed towards ma'am Pinili (our World Lit teacher) to know on what particular ground does he obtained that INC mark. The teacher said he wasn't included in the list of the members who performed our final role play. And so he got an INC grade.

No matter how he explained his side, ma'am Pinili can't just believe abruptly on what he's articulating, unless of course, when he can hand her even a single proof.  Evidently, he can't show the props we had during that primitive presentation (since I think all were put to rubbish and were rotten), nor the extra copy of the script with members included (who would be interested to keep those copies? Or do we really have a spare one?^^,)

I think that's how he became so desperate to search and wait for me everyday in school (he really has to I think, cause I'm the leader) Good thing he remembered my face and recognized it when we met at the Rob. 

Just this morning, we went to ma'am Pinili's office (at the dean's office) and I tried to help him explain his side. I clarified that he's part of the group and that he was able to present with us during the role play. That I do recognize him though I didn't know his name. That he had once treat us kwek-kwek during our practice, and that he portrayed the role of a king. I went down into further details by saying that our role play was about 'princess thingy' and that she has once commented that our play was nice but the characters didn't act expressively.

At last! After a long words of wisdom and rigid memorization, We're able to gain the fervor of our teacher and I finally leave my classmate with her to proceed to calculating his grades :)) *Hope he can pass*

Glad I was able to help a stranger. 

BTW. He texted me he passed the subject. Yaay! No more sit-in blues for the next semester :)

3 thoughtfulness:

Orange Pulps ♥ said...

wow! :) such a great feeling to help someone, especially someone whom you do not know...

way to go te rin.

Albert Corsame Umbac said...

It is so nice to do such. Especially to those individuals who played an important part of your being. Me to will follow..

Rina Marie Rubia said...

yeah Rolynski and Albert :)

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