Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bear with me. I just can't hardly slip back with this photo. LOL.

Just an hour ago, my niece had held tight with her computer game. Well, who wouldn't feel the same? Shane preferred a DORA fixture this time. To be strict, she was given only an hour and a half to enjoy fooling around with the computer amenities before she finally goes to bed.

After she found an interesting frontage of one of the DORA games, she immediately clicked on it and wait for it to load. However, as much as her excitement crops up, so with the procrastination of its loading time. 

The moment she instigated the game, I was on my half-way applying my toner (my day and night ritual), the game is 11 percent loading. When I entered to the CR to take my half-bath, it gradually took me 20 minutes +, and went out feeling fresh at last. Meanwhile, Shane is still waiting patiently for the game to fully load. She's been patiently counting together with the increasing figure on the screen. It was 89 percent filling, and she's staring on it without a blink of her eyes.

"96... it's almost finish! 98... 99... YESSS!," with matching both arms burly-stretched upward, and the face? Oh you can't draw it. Her smile was widely crooked enough as a sign of her ended 48 years of patience-bearing stance.

I just love my niece's patience. She was able to wait for the game she wanted the most. She was motivated by the thrill of playing the game, that she wasn't able to see the insanity of staring at the slow-paced running of figures on the interface. And though she's only given a little time to play, she consumed almost three-fourths of her allotted time, in loading the game. All she knew was that game will make her the happiest.

Well, I wish I possess  that kind of attitude as well. One step at a time. I mean, to use my time wisely by means of devoting it to something I'm certain I wouldn't regret ever. Something that would worth my devoured time and effort.
And I hope I can relate it with my studies and work. To my love ones and friends :)

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