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Thursday, October 6, 2011

If we would always be plagued by the inconsistent weather, who wouldn't catch colds and exasperated by prickly nostrils?

Actually, I haven't been exposed to blistering warm of the sun because apparently, I always bring with me my easy-fold umbrella, plus in case the dusty-searing pathway to our school hasn't yet cooled with waters by the personnel in-charge, I always have my handkerchief clutched onto my palm. Sometimes, when my eyes soar cause of the grimes triggered by the rushing vehicles coming along the school parameters, I would wear sunglasses. Ang OA dba?

Moreover, when the gloomy skies start to sheer tiny droplets of water, I, on the other hand, is fully equipped already. Aside from the faithful umbrella I have to cover my head from the rain, I'm also gripped comfortably with my jacket (that's when I went out from home, raining). OA pa din.

However, all these safety measures that I kept on providing seem to be unsuccessful. Yes, all of these were absolutely pointless. Cause I've already been stroked by the virus of colds and I've been suffering, since yesterday from this annoying runny nose! :(

I took a medicine earlier before the cold was confirmed, but it was of no use. And though I'm trying to bug this runny nose off, I always lose. I've been taking the right medicine, to give chance for the germs to drop out and withdraw their defiance, but still nothing's change.

I think, it invaded my strength already and all I need to do is to constantly take the right medicine and the other right medicine to avoid other possible sickness I can get such as fever and cough.

I hate this. I've been tormented with sneezes and tissue-paper no-win situation. This really makes me feeble, my eyes are sore, my skin pales, my body's scrawny. It's really hard to run after your silly nose, I tell you.

I just hope that in no time, this itchy-runny nose will get tired from pulling the waters inside my snout and finally settle to have  a complete rest.

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Orange Pulps ♥ said...

I hate runny noses....ang hirap i catch :)

bitaw makawala jud nah ug concentration...samot na run nga finals week

^-^LyceL^-^ said...

wawa naman si Rina. Haha. Ukie ra na, Rin. anyways, naa ra bitaw si Kuya Ren. Sya ang mag-aalaga sayo. Hehe.

GOD bless you :)

Albert Corsame Umbac said...

Here's the tip:

higop, suyop, higop, suyop.

balik-balika ra na, i'm sure gaganda ang feeling mo.

parang Rebisco, 'ang sarap ng feeling ko.'



dropping some ♥

new template?

Rina Marie Rubia said...

@Rolyn: yea, super. glad cause wla nkq exam :)

@Lycel: anu naman mgagawa ni Ren lycel? >.< e mei sipon sin yun.haha

@Albert: that's exactly what am trying to do.haha

New layout? Dili dili ^^,

Anonymous said...

awts... runny nose. Kakaasar nga magkaroon nyan.. Get well soon.

Rina Marie Rubia said...

@Leah: thanks Leah :)

Chew On This said...

This is a nice place to hang out ^_^ looking forward to reading more posts :)

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