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Monday, December 19, 2011

This might be late, but not so very late, post of mine for his birthday. Well, aside from the busy schedule, I also had tasks to be done even during his birthday. So I was in between hours preparing for my surprise, though it isn't a surprise because the idea really came from him.

We had this casual talk few weeks before his birthday on how to surprise guys. And so he shared his ideas, what can surprise him the most. And I apparently applied what I learned from him, last December 15, 2011, and of course, without his knowing :)

Last Thursday  morning, I really opted not to be with him, though he's asking me out even for a while, since that was the only time I can buy stuffs I needed for his birthday. Since in the afternoon until 6 pm I had my tutorial session.

I booked a reservation for the two of us at Gabby's bistro. A one of a kind restaurant in the town. It's in Florentina homes actually. I went there after my tutorial and prepared the table, with purple balloons and a cherry cake. I also ordered the tastiest meal we would like and share.

At 7 p.m., we finally see each other. I greeted him with a big smile. That instant he had the clue already if what's gonna happen that very night.

He asked me where do I wanna eat and I said Gabby's! :) *Yea, you get it. C'mon now* :D

That's how it ends. The surprise was long been spoiled :D Kindly take a look at our sweet-captured moments na lang :))

 Haha. May tinatago ata?

 Us, need I say more? ^_^

 O, bat ka sad? sakeet ng ipin? hihi

 Haha. Craving for the cake? Later, after your meal :D

 Na read mu naba yun card? dessert yan. Ice cream.hehe

 Us ulet, baboy sydrome. Halos mapahiga na matapos kumain :D

 Naks! haha. Actually, we really love the outside. It's like outside the country kase ^_^

Oh, ako naman :)))

That ends our day. Happy 21st birthday to you again :) I love you! :)

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