It's CHRISTmas time ;)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Yes, and though I'm a bit late already to posting this article, at least it's still holiday! :)
We had this very occasional opportunity to visit the most prominent house in the town of Dumaguete. It's called the Absin (it's the owner's family name) house, or popularly known as the "Christmas house"

The house had been decorated early August. Yes, August. Cause there were definitely new gimmicks, and lots of renovations all over the place. The entire interior designs were stunningly gleaming, giving light almost to the whole place. It's really a nice place to visit, I must say.

Yea, my mom and I, together with Shane decided to stroll in the place early in the evening. My niece Shane was craving so much for the Christmas house to open and she couldn't just afford to slip the moment off :D and my mom? Well, I wanted to bring her in the Christmas house since we have the chance to, and mot especially of course, I always wanted to bring her to places she'd surely enjoy :)

So take a look at our captured moments for further details.

 Shane with snow man :)

 Christmas tree. haha

Beside the living room, I think ;)

 Shane playing piano ;)

 Spot Shane if you can! haha. She's really beside my mom :)

 Me, playing piano (daw) haha

 It's behind the big Christmas tree at the living room :)

 At the veranda. Yes, it's so purple :)

 I really don't know where this is. All I know is it's after the living room :D

 Mama, with her bountiful basket of fruits :) with wings of an angel? :)

 Haha. Shane's really making fun of that man's incomplete body-statue :D

 In the comfort room. haha. They also made it colorful and Shane can't help to take a seat :D

 In the comfort room again. In front the mirror. It's really fascinating :)

 At the grand living room. I was really amazed with the setting. It's really elegant and all were shimmering like real golds :)

 My time with Shane. Still at the grand living room :)

 Me beneath the mistletoe. Aw? haha. The huge purple Christmas tree :)

 Mama and Shane with Santa. Where's your gifts? :)

Shane at her all-time favorite princess castle ;)

We had so much fun. Until next Christmas! Looking forward for their more exciting and precious exhibits next year :)

You can visit my Facebook account for more photos of the Christmas house :)

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