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Saturday, January 28, 2012

We've had a Korean Potluck Party just last Wednesday wherein we, the tutors enjoyed our last moment with super-cute tutees. As promised, I should've uploaded the pictures, perhaps written a post about it. But due to time constraints, I really wasn't able to do it on time. The very reason why I'm writing this post just now :)

On Wednesday, my thesis group also planned to have our system checked. So that was a total contrast. It's already 3 p.m and my group mates my were texting me asking if where I was. As I plan to get up from my chair, I could picture out Denny (my tutee) performing alone with the speech we together made. That  made me sad, and eventually kept me intact in my seat. I found myself staring at the imaginary stopped-clock while waiting for Denny's turn.

Soon enough, Denny was called. I neared him in case he forgets some lines. I cheered him up and told him he can do it, plus give it some feelings :) And he didn't disappoint me. He mastered his speech in front of all. He ended it by looking at me with a smile. He was very good for me.

It's 4 p.m. I went out to meet my group mates. But they said that our teacher wasn't there anymore. I blamed myself for that cause, and not wanting to go back to the party. But then I realized we can still have it checked by tomorrow. Denny is waiting for me. I know because his present was still in my bag :D I went back in a hurry. And just as when I get off from the pedicab, he's already there watching me. He came to me and handed me 2 pieces of Tarsier stuff (his pasalubong supposedly during their vacation in Bohol) That was sweet. Anyways, Ren, my co-tutor gave him my gift already when I left the place. He said Denny is looking since the start of the exchanging gifts. Poor Denny.

There were games. And I was fond of watching Denny playing each games, actively. And every time his team wins, he would give me the prizes he received. Pero locker lang pala ako. But that's cute. There were foods. We enjoyed both Filipino and Korean foods. While I wan on my half-way eating the foods on my plate, Denny came to me crying. 

"What's wrong?"
"Nothing. Can I have my Neji and Gaara, teacher?"
"Why are you crying? Tell me," I hold his hand to sit beside me. He sat beside me crying four times!
"What's wrong? Did you friend bullied you?" and I gave him the characters he wanted.
"No teacher." Still crying, and walked away.

The other Korean boy named John told me the reason. Denny will miss me. Denny is crying because he cannot see me anymore. Owh. My heart melted that very instant. I never though he would cry for a so maldita, so strict and so kuripot tutor like me :)

I went upstairs and see him there, lying while crying. I'm not used to see him that way. During tutorial sessions, we would tease each other. He would tell me I'm so bad for giving him so many test items. He would sometimes complain. He's very cute and bubbly when he does those. I came to him and console him.

"Denny, I'm here. Why are you crying," tapping his back. "Tell me, Denny. Please?" He's still sobbing..
"Okay. Will you miss teacher?" He fix his eye glass and look at me, still sobbing but this time, trying to wipe the tears that's blocking his sight. "Yes.."
"You don't want to go home yet?"
"You want to see me again?"
"Okay here's the deal. I will come back in June and you, too. Alright?"
"..But my father and my mother don't want me to come back in June.." and dumped his head off again onto the cushion and cry.
"Okay. I will go to Korea to see you then. Is that what you want?"
He lifted his head and said, "Yes.."
I gave him ahug.

He asked for my number and say he will contact me. I, on the other hand promised to meet him at the Robinson's Place for the last time on Sunday. Yes. I will really do that for you. Your so sweet.

All the other teachers were touched with the scenario. When were about to leave, he went out from his room and said goodbye to me for the last time. Still crying. I hugged him again and remind him of my promise on Sunday. I asked his friends to play with him every time so he won't cry. I hugged him again, and finally bid goodbye. "See you on Sunday Denny! Bye!"

"Bye teacher..." waving his hand and sobbing. "Bye...!"

Oh, by the way, my post title was actually a song, sung by one of the Korean boy named Kevin. He sang very well and I really liked the song :)

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Orange Pulps ♥ said...

oh my gosh ate rina. how sweet of him. nakakatouch talaga ng heart. *teary eyes*

Rina Rubia said...

Yea, Rolynski. Super :)))

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